• P.A.S.T. programs are created specifically and personally for retired professional athletes to address their unique and distinct set of medical and personal needs. The P.A.S.T. philosophy is to treat the whole person, mind and body, while also emphasizing and providing education and preventive care for retired players of all ages.The same P.A.S.T. Physician group that treats retired athletes also offers treatment programs for the general public on a limited basis. Email us for more information.
  • P.A.S.T. is designed to help the long suffering players address a wide range of their medical needs as well as the problem of under-treated, unidentified or chronic pain.
  • P.A.S.T. implements a unique and highly successful team approach that has been customized to meet the specialized needs of former athletes.
  • The P.A.S.T. network of specialists work together as a team directly with retired athletes eliminating their need to coordinate with multiple practices. Each player has a case worker dedicated to them.
  • P.A.S.T. provides a wide range of customized integrated services across a variety of disciplines. Medical disciplines include Pain Management, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, (including Joint Replacement), Neurology, Neurosurgery, Spinal and Chiropractic. Services encompass full diagnostic evaluations, chronic pain treatment and diagnosis, behavioral health services addressing issues such as addiction and depression, psychiatric issues related to traumatic brain injuries and much more.
  • P.A.S.T. facilitates a cutting edge concussion treatment program, the program is solely focused on the long-term reduction of symptoms known to be related to CTE /head trauma and the restoration of quality of life. Learn more
    • The P.A.S.T. behavioral health program and facilities offer programs to eliminate dependency on any type of pain medications or addictive substances and also treat depression, grief and other behavioral health issues including those related to head trauma and chronic pain.
    • The P.A.S.T. program is directed by Board Certified specialists and surgeons in all disciplines of medicine. Treatment plans are created to treat the total person.
    • P.A.S.T. is head quartered in Clifton, New Jersey. P.A.S.T. medical department heads are located in the NJ/NY area. These highly accomplished physicians oversee and interface with other P.A.S.T. affiliated physicians and facilities around the country.
    • P.A.S.T. has state of the art surgical center’s, diagnostic, pain management and behavorial health facilities in New Jersey
    • Players are flown to P.A.S.T. headquarters in NJ for a comprehensive evaluation which is facilitated by the department head of each medical discipline. A treatment and execution plan is then created and implemented.
    • Players receive hands-on, cutting-edge care from start to finish including follow-up and support services.
    • Medical services, travel, lodging, scheduling and other player care support is coordinated for all players.
    • A pro bono program is available to players who qualify.
    • For insured players, the P.A.S.T. specialized program for retired athletes is available with full support and coordination services.
    • In addition to evaluating and treating retired players' existing pain and medical conditions, the preventive component of the P.A.S.T. program includes: colon cancer screening, colonoscopies, motion science, nutrition, medication analysis, behavioral health assessments, age management, cardio metabolic and much more.
    • P.A.S.T. emphasizes education and screening which are critical to the well being of retired players. The P.A.S.T. Pain Management Screening Program for retired players is a groundbreaking program that provides players with customized pain management evaluation and testing, utilizing the P.A.S.T. multi-discipline approach. Education pertaining to pain management and the ramifications of neglecting or improperly self-treating pain informs retired players how to improve their overall quality of life. P.A.S.T. has also developed a retired players Colorectal Screening and Education program that will provide retired players with essential testing and education that will save lives. Treatment is available through P.A.S.T. for conditions discovered through the screening programs.


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