Player Quotes

Ray Lucas

WPS7"My experience with P.A.S.T. just blows my mind! The doctors and the staff truly care they even call me all the time to see how I am feeling. They are a great support system for me and so many other guys. They are not just fixing my neck; they are also dealing with my depression, dependency, post concussion problems, weight loss and all my other health issues at the same time. They have lifted me up out of a very dark place and I know because of P.A.S.T. I will once again be able to function and be a great husband and father. Their new E-Pro clinic has taken my health to a whole new level. With P.A.S.T. in my life I don't feel like killing myself anymore. THERE IS NOW LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!"

– Ray Lucas , Former NY Jet , New England Patriot, Miami Dolphin (7 year NFL Veteran)

James Worthy

WPS13"The P.A.S.T. preventative screening and treatment programs are a must for all players. We can extend our lives and live a healthy and pain free life. The programs are very comprehensive. We have lost several players at a young age, maybe the loss of some of our players could have been prevented with the prevention, knowledge, and treatment that P.A.S.T. provides."
– James Worthy, Los Angles Lakers (1982-1994) Member Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall Of Fame   

Charlie Brown

WPS6"P.A.S.T. has been a life changing experience for me. I am most impressed with the way the P.A.S.T. doctors worked together as a team and addressed absolutely everything that concerned me, including my neck, concussion issues, internal medicine, and more. This has been so uplifting to me. P.A.S.T. is improving the quality of my life. NOW I HAVE HOPE."
– Charles Brown, Former Washington Redskin (6 year NFL Veteran)

Randy Grimes

WPS1"At a time when I was physically and mentally at the end of my rope one group rose above all others and rescued me. P.A.S.T. provided me with extensive pro bono care lasting over 6 months including a total knee replacement and treatment for a life threatening pain killer addiction due to10 years of chronic pain. P.A.S.T. not only treated the addiction and depression that almost killed me, but they took care of all of my underlying medical issues that were causing my pain. I owe P.A.S.T. my LIFE."

– Randy Grimes, Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer (10 year NFL Veteran)

Craig Sauer


"P.A.S.T. exceeded my expectations in every way. The doctors were unbelievably helpful, and everybody from the driver to the program's Executive Director walked with me every step of the way. It was the first time that I actually felt cared for by the medical community. It still is hard to believe the wonderful way I was treated. While I am not yet healthy they helped to dealing with my pain and also issues related to my traumatic brain injuries from concussions. My goal is to get better and live a productive life which after going to P.A.S.T. I feel is possible."

– Craig Sauer, Former Atlanta Falcon, Minnesota Viking (6 year NFL Veteran)

Conrad Dobler

WPS8"What P.A.S.T. is doing is unbelievable. I have had over 30 knee surgeries and have seen doctors all over the country. The P.A.S.T. physicians and their team approach is by far the most effective I have seen for retired NFL players

– Conrad Dobler, St. Louis Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, New Orleans Saints

Rob Brown

WPS3“The last time I saw this many doctors was in 1982 at the NFL Combine. They flew me in, put me in a nice hotel and took great care of me.  All you have to do is just pick up the phone and call P.A.S.T. and they will do the rest for you. I am very proud of the P.A.S.T. program.”

– Rob Brown, Former Green Bay Packer (10 year NFL Veteran)

Sam Jones

WPS11"I received the greatest treatment from P.A.S.T. that I could've ever imagined. I have been to the Mayo Clinic and the P.A.S.T. medical team were better than I have ever seen even at the Mayo. To have the doctors individually communicate with me and have specialists in every necessary field from neurology to orthopedic,to pain all work together as one "team" all in one program is an incredible concept. I encourage all my colleagues to reach out to P.A.S.T., I could not have asked for a better experience!"
– SAM JONES, Boston Celtics (1957-1969)
Member Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame

Dean Tolson

WPS12"There were days when all I could do was lie there and cry. There were days when you didn't even want to wake up. It was a living hell at times.The pain killer addiction and the pain were just to much to take. It hurt so bad sometimes, it was a sweet-mother-jesus, take-me-away pain. I wanted that part of my life to end. P.A.S.T. provided me pro bono care, simultaneously treated my depression, addiction and chronic pain. P.A.S.T. gave me my life back."

– DEAN TOLSON, Seattle Supersonics (1974-78)

Herb Adderly

WPS10“The individual attention and care that I personally experienced and witnessed given to other players totally blew me away.”


– Herb Adderley , NFL Hall Of Famer


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