Providing hope through the reduction of symptoms related to head trauma and CTE and the restoration of quality of life.

The P.A.S.T. Retired Athlete Medical Group that provides fully integrated medical care to retired athletes including NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB players has implemented an innovative Concussion Treatment Program that has been made available to retired NFL players and other former athletes. Learn more about P.A.S.T.

The one of a kind program has been successful in reducing the symptoms known to be related to CTE and head injuries. The program is solely focused on the reduction of symptoms and restoration of quality of life. The program is offered on a pro bono basis to those former NFL players and other pro athletes that qualify. Additionally, a program for high school and college athletes that focuses on preventive brain health has also been created. The programs are also available to the general public. Contact us for info.

P.A.S.T. founder Dr. William Focazio and a team of over 15 medical specialists from a wide variety of medical disciplines created the program. Dr. Focazio's vision brought together a superstar medical team to develop the innovative concussion treatment program including the P.A.S.T. physicians and specialists, along with Eternity Medicine Institute's Dr. Brandon Colby (Medical Director, Eternity Medicine US-- a leading specialist in genetics), and Dr. Graham Simpson (Medical Director Eternity Medicine Global, Dubai-- a specialist in preventive medicine and age intervention). P.A.S.T. also recently formed an affiliation with Dr. Daniel Amen and will be providing Amen's SPECT diagnostics as part of the program when needed.

The P.A.S.T. Concussion Treatment Program is exclusively powered by Eternity Medicine Institute and is offered at Dr. Focazio's Eternity Medicine Clinic in New Jersey Dr. Focazio selected the highly successful Eternity Medicine age management, preventive medicine protocols and their advanced health screening to be the cornerstones of the program.

The P.A.S.T. Concussion Treatment Program uses multiple medical disciplines that are fully integrated and also uses unique peer group support systems which are a key component of the program. According to many former professional athletes in the program, the P.A.S.T. peer group has prevented several player suicides.

The program combines comprehensive testing, physical exams, neuropsychiatric evaluations, imaging, state of the art blood work, hormone replacement, supplement and diet plans, cognitive therapy, peer group support and more.

Many of the former NFL players in the program suffer from debilitating symptoms known to be related to traumatic brain injury and CTE.

Retired NFL Players including; Ray Lucas (NY Jets), Christian Okoye (Kansas City Chiefs), Sean Salisbury (Minnesota Vikings), Charlie Brown (Washington Redskins) were some of the first to be admitted to the program, all have experienced significant improvement in symptoms including: low energy, depression, mood swings, rage issues, sleep disturbances, memory loss, headaches, chronic pain and more. They have experienced lessening of symptoms and improvement of overall health and quality of life. Read articles about the players and program

P.A.S.T. designed the program so the initial phase can be started by a player from home. The program is tailored to each specific person. The cutting edge program incorporates extensive blood testing of hormone levels and hundreds of bio markers, testing for mineral/vitamin deficiencies, cardiovascular testing, genetic testing, peer groups (player-to-player support system), cognitive evaluations and neurological testing. Personalized treatment programs can include: hormone replacement, supplement and diet programs, behavioural health programs, cognitive therapy, peer group participation and much more.

This unprecedented symptom reduction program is being made available to retired NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB players and others by the vision and generosity of Dr. William J. Focazio, the New Jersey based founder and CEO of the P.A.S.T. Retired Athletes Medical Group. For some players who qualify, the program is made available on a pro bono basis. To date the organization has provided over 4.5 million dollars in donated medical, preventive and behavioral health care to retired athletes and educational programs. Physicians and facilities all donate their time. The funding needed for travel and ancillary medical costs such as medications has personally been provided by Dr. Focazio.

A new 501(c)3, P.A.S.T. TEAMS has been created and will now help to fund the ancillary medical needs for players as well as fund the education and empowerment programs for young athletes. Grants and donations are currently being sought. Learn more about P.A.S.T Teams 501

The P.A.S.T. Concussion Treatment Program, as well as other age management and preventive programs, are being offered to both athletes and the general public at Dr. Focazio' s new cutting edge Eternity Medicine Clinic in Clifton, New Jersey.  Additionally, a collection of personalized preventive and age management programs along with one of the most advanced health screenings available are offered at the Eternity Medicine Institute in New Jersey and at the Eternity Medicine in Los Angeles. Programs address issues such as Age Management, Cardio Metabolic Health, Hormone Deficiency, Weight Loss, Age Management, Genetics and much more.


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